​​Deborah Sorkin,MD


This website is dedicated to Us.
We are living in a most exciting time in Earths History.
 It is a pivotal time, one of tremendous potential for us both as individual and collective members of our Global Human Society.

New leading edge concepts in Medicine and Science are shifting our understanding of our biology and bringing awareness of its amazing abilities and attributes to sustain health, alter our own genetics, and decide by choice our physical experience intrinsically, naturally and organically. In fact, it is what we are designed to do and it is how we are designed to operate.

Science now reveals, that our minds have the ability to optimize wellbeing, heal ourselves and effect positive change in our world

and acknowledges that it is Consciousness which underscores that power.
These new concepts and teachings will call upon each of us to question, examine and re-define all aspects of our life.
Redefining who we are will challenge us to transform our views of self and the world around us. 
Change is exciting, exhilarating, and expansive.
Change without reference can be unsettling. 

The focus of this site is to share leading edge concepts and teachings about the awakening and the emergence of a 
'New Conscious and Empowered Human Mind- Set.' 
Through this exploration we will begin to understand,become aware and tap into our newly discovered abilities and skill sets.
We will direct our focus to uncover, unfold and experience the nature and foundational structure of 'consciousness' as it relates to our physical body and our physical experience. 

My intent is to share with you my experience of Awakening, Discovery and Transformation 
and to create a dialogue that will assist and empower you on your journey. 
Together we will join and sort through the current concepts in Medicine, Science and Spirituality, so that we may expand

our awareness and make conscious, intelligent and directive choices about our own health and well-being. 

Well-Being is Both a State of Mind and A Choice.

Deborah Sorkin, MD