What is this unseen aspect of ‘our self' that communicates, to and from all systems, physical

and non -physical?  What is the information being relayed and how is that received and translated in our physical body?  How does it work? Why do we need to understand this? Can we direct that information and communication system consciously?

​The principles of CBW complement the understanding of the universal mechanics; how the human body both physical and energetic works as an extension of a cooperative universal design and language.

This unique type of Practice serves first to educate. It offers a  fundamental understanding of how the Mind –Body- Spirit Complex is configured and functions, how imbalances, misalignments, or dis-ease are created, and how to correct the undesired imbalance, re-align and reclaim the experience of wellness on all levels of being.

The structure of this practice promotes a conscious co-creative relationship with our body intelligence, our most precious gift, by learning the “universal language” of our physical body so that we may be in “tune” and thus, enhance and direct our physical experience. Having a conscious awareness of the process, understanding the mechanics of this connection and developing skills sets, empowers us, as directors and participants to our life experience.

As we begin to understand and experience more of our physical and energetic make-up, there can be no doubt, that we are far more than we previously have viewed and believed our presence to be.  The attributes, skills and abilities of us extend far beyond your physical body. The belief that we are just of flesh and of bones, vulnerable to ills, waiting it out, hoping to have a good life- Is a concept of the Human Past.  

What does this mean plain and simple?

Your new role… is to embrace your awesomeness.

Don’t be afraid to be Great …

You are energy, you are consciousness, you hold physical body and therefore, it makes

sense that there is so much more to the story of


The awakening and healing process begins with each individual discovering, learning and accepting that they are so much more than a physical body that is subject to disease, pain and strife.

It is this re-education process and focus to a new paradigm of living which will evolve and define

the New Human Mind - Set.

That which we call


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CBW eSeries available in the SH101 Virtual Classroom: http://www.thesustainablehuman101.org/new-cbw-series.html

Free CBW Audio Briefs: http://www.thesustainablehuman101.org/q-a-s.html

Consciousness Based Wellness

​​Deborah Sorkin,MD

image by M. Gharaat

It is the cooperative power of the human mind, heart, and spirit to create what was named ‘miracles’, but in fact,
is the language of the universal genetics from which we operate.

​Exciting new scientific evidence is transforming our current understanding of human development and its extraordinary capacities for learning and healing.

​Science, Mathematics, Physics, Medicine and Spirituality all hold unique perspectives and yet, yield one very clear conclusion …
“We are far greater than we have ever thought or imagined ourselves to be.”

New discoveries about our amazing capacities will challenge us to view ourselves in a new way.
​They will inspire and direct us to create new systems that are commensurate to our new understandings and abilities.

Medicine and Science are currently changing and expanding to a new emerging model that supports these new concepts and discoveries. This new model redirects and redefines the focus of health and wellness and functions under the foundational principle that recognizes the interconnected and interrelated aspects of all life. It acknowledges that all things and all diverse systems work together functioning as one seamless unit in order to sustain and evolve, while maintaining ​balance and harmony. In this new model health is addressed from a much broader context,
acknowledging that the concept of wellness is not an isolated process. 

What is Consciousness Based Wellness ?

​Consciousness Based Health and Wellness defines a unique practice that is based on our current understanding of the interconnected relationships of all things and all systems. It elucidates the structure and nature of Consciousness as it relates to the human body and translates to our human physical experience.

​New leading edge concepts in Medicine and Science are shifting our understanding of our biology and bringing awareness of its amazing abilities and attributes to sustain health, alter our own genetics, and decide by choice our physical experience intrinsically, naturally and organically. In fact, it is what we are designed to do and it is how we are designed to operate, and we now understand that it is Consciousness that underscores theses abilities and attributes.

We know that we have a visible body that is the biological-physical aspect of our self, but we also
have interconnected invisible energetic layers as well that make up the ‘wholeness of our being’.
​These energetic systems all have specific functions and are in constant communication with our physical/visible aspects -receiving, translating and transmitting information.