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​​Deborah Sorkin,MD

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Skills Integration Sessions - Your Virtual Office Visit

What’s a Virtual Office Visit?
Virtual Office Visits are your personal 1:1 time - A time to specifically care for you.

Visits take place via an online virtual meeting space and last approximately forty-five minutes. During these sessions, no extraneous tools or items are required, as you need nothing from the outside to claim the experience of optimal well-being. In fact, Medicine and Science now support this recognition with a new understanding of our biology. This new understanding brings awareness to the body’s amazing abilities and attributes to sustain health, alter our own genetics and decide by choice our physical experience intrinsically, naturally and organically. This is what we are designed to do and how we are designed to operate; and we now understand that it is Consciousness that underscores theses abilities and attributes.

You are energy, you are Consciousness, you are here now in a physical body and there is so much more to this Human experience than ever imagined or thought possible. Now, in seeing ourselves from this expanded perspective, it makes sense that our first step in applying our new understanding is to educate. Re-educating ourselves to more fully understanding our selves in a new way is paramount to this process.  As we understand the Mind-Body-Spirit Complex, how it is configured and functions, we can learn to identify - How imbalances, misalignments or dis-ease are created; and then how to correct the undesired imbalances, realign and reclaim the experience of wellness on all levels of being.

Virtual Office Visits are designed to help facilitate you in this process and offer assistance as you become empowered by your own inner knowing, backed by spiritual wisdom, enabling you to more naturally and effortlessly align to a place of balance. Being in a state of balance can prompt many new experiences;

some examples are, but are not limited to: reclaiming the natural flow and joy in life; experiencing improved relationships, health and self-worth; recognizing, releasing and reprograming old patterns; being able to more easily get yourself back on track when things get a little rocky; sustaining of a greater sense of overall peace and well-being.

How does a Virtual Office Visit look?

During your initial office visit, we begin working with you, where you are - as you are, in this time. We start with an assessment, which clarifies what you want and where you are in your process. This allows us to create a plan just for you, as each of us are unique in our desires, configuration and ways of assimilating information.

Virtual Office Visits encompasses what we call Skills Integration. In these sessions, we utilize various energetic tools and experiential modalities. And as noted earlier, there is nothing required or used outside of yourself… Integration Session can be recorded and an audio copy emailed to you after the visit.
Any pre-session suggestions or applicable informational materials will be provided ahead of your scheduled appointment. Many times, post visit “home-play” is given as a way to help apply and incorporate into your daily life, what was covered during the session.

What is a Skills Integration Session and how does it work?

In the beginning of each session we assist you in creating a supportive field that allows you to organically connect to a vibrational state which supports information that is coherent with your body’s natural intelligence. This alignment to the Mind - Body - Sprit configuration and process of coming into wholeness happens as we develop and reinforce an energetic - neural network called, heart-brain coherence. By applying conscious heart-based discernment to information, in whatever form it comes, however it appears, we can feel the consciousness and body of information that we are aligning ourselves to. The information that we align ourselves with becomes our agreements to create an experience directed from the components and guidelines of that information set.

Why is the connection and coherence important?
It is no secret that we create with our thoughts, or what we call mind energy, or consciousness. Thoughts become things; they become your experiences… They become literal imprints into Consciousness fields, interconnected - interrelated energetic fields of information… the quantum fields. In essence adding your information as your contribution to these fields implies your personal agreements for experiences. Additionally, they also are added to the collective memory bank for humanity, so to speak, and therefore your thought information imprint acts like an offering for all others to add their “like thoughts and energy” – amplifying its potential for experience and expression on a greater collective scale.

So naturally, as we generate our thoughts, we want to be very clear on where we connect and draw our thought/mind energy from… Are we coming from fear or love? Are we drawing from old patterns and programs of looping information, or are we drawing from information beyond what we consider a “normal” mindset or way of thinking… by tapping into the Source field where strokes of sheer genius and pure inspired thought originate?

Stated more simply, these Integration Sessions begin by assisting you in establishing a clear, aligned and coherent connection with your specifically intended Source, allowing you to start creating the life experiences you desire. These sessions are designed to train and empower you to hold conscious awareness of this process by understanding the mechanics of connection and developing the necessary skills sets for you to do this in day-to-day life, on your own. This is about you becoming the Conscious director and participant to your life experience by consciously and actively creating the world you want to live in. As you do this for yourself, you naturally by extension and by the inherent interconnectedness of all things, make your world available for all others to join you.

What are some examples/topics that people might address during sessions? 

Topics range from very specific areas of concern, such as relationships, health or finances, to more broad life themes…
For example: many see, feel, sense that the world is changing; there seems to be chaos and confusion at every turn. The news floods us with vivid images of war and violence, disease and disaster. Living in these intensely shifting times, many find themselves walking around tired, anxious, confused, frustrated, sad, angry or sick.
Making sense of all this can become challenging, to say the least. It can be easy to feel stuck in survival mode, especially when the tools that once helped, no longer elevates our symptoms

Our mind looks for explanations, our souls yearn for answers, for peace, for joy and for truth.

We question our purpose, our life, our relationships, our reason for being.
We know that there is more and we are seeking answers.

So, any “reason” for a session is never too big or too small, too silly or strange. This Universe is infinite in its opportunities for expansion. Just remember, no matter what is coming up for you, there is no need to be shy, we are all here doing our best.

What can I expect afterward?

Frankly, it depends. 
It’s suggested to go into this with no expectations.
Why? Having preconceived expectations limits you in what’s possible… Expecting a certain look of an outcome can shut the door on amazing things that may have greatly exceeded anything you could have possibly imagined.

Remember, this is a re-education process back to wholeness and freedom. 
The process starts with each individual discovering, understanding and accepting that they are so much more than a body that is subject to disease, pain and strife. This requires that we each assume a responsible posture for ourselves, our planet and for us as a species. 

So what’s possible – anything… 
Let’s start by simply enjoying the ride!
All of this takes practice and time, as you are establishing a new way of living and being… Our suggestion is to consider being gentle with yourself and others. Life was meant to be experienced... each day fulfilling an exciting, expansive, creative, fun, joy-filled adventure.

How do I schedule my Virtual Office Visit?